Software Strength of India

Four main reasons why software support is outsourced to India.




1)Labor cost: On an Average a Sr. Software Engineer salary in India is 20,000 USD, if we compare with United States the same skilled Software Engineer will earn 85000 USD .Comparing with United States and Europe the average salary costs of India are much lower, even compared to China the average salary of Indian Software Engineer is 30% less.

Salary Table

Designation                         India                                      United States

Software Engineer         5000 – 12,000 USD       50000-75000 USD

Sr Software Engineer   10,000-50,000 USD      75000-190000 USD

2)English is one of the official languages:  As English is an official language in India, it has given India an advantage in global IT outsourcing market. India has the good population of English speakers. Due to British rule, English became a part of the Indian education system, which has now become an advantage. One of the main reasons why China could not beat India in terms of IT outsourcing is that they are not fluent in English. India thus have an edge over China due to their fluency in English.

3) Engineering graduates: India produces almost 1 million Engineers every year however quality matters than quantity. Top colleges in India like IIT, NIT, BITS, VIT, PSG etc.. Produce approximately 100k good Engineers, More than 50% of these Engineers choose IT field as their career. In addition, a large proportion of Indian Engineering graduates are proficient in English and well suited to the IT industry.

4)Low cost IT training: Any software platform training in India will not cost more than 400$.For Example Oracle DBA training cost will be 300$ in India ,where as in United States it will be 3000$.Ameerpet( A Street in Hyderabad, India) is called as unofficial IT training hub where we can find any niche software technology training.Not only the unofficial IT training hub but also Indian IT giants like Infosys,TCS,WIPRO,HCL etc.. get their employees trained on latest software technologies.


Leela Krishna Alapati