Online education – Teaching English to Chinese Students VIPKid

Who is Cindy Mi?

Cindy Mi is a 35 year old Chinese entrepreneur who is making a global difference.  She is the founder VIPKID, an online service that connects Chinese students to fluent English based teachers.  There are approximately 60,000 online teachers currently enrolled in VIPKid.  The approximate 27,000 English teachers in China are not sufficient for the 300 million plus youth yearning to learn English.  Teachers are able to earn extra money with the benefit of working from home. The supplemental income and easy interface makes it easy to attract motivated teachers.

Cindy who dropped out of school, has a personal interest in educating China’s youth.  She has visited the US on multiple occasions to meet with teachers and show appreciation for their efforts.  Teachers develop a sense of being in this online education community.

How it works?

How does it work?  Parents in China can select a teach based on ratings and timings.  The sessions are based on grade and fluency levels.  The typical session involves a video conference lasting approximately 25 minutes.  At the conclusion of the session, parents can rate the teachers and than proceed with further bookings as they deem fit according to their schedules.  The flexibility for the students also presents opportunities for the teachers. The twelve hour time zone difference can allow teachers to work or handle their daily activities during business, school, family hours and than go online teach classes in the evening and early morning.  The larger impact of this undertaking is the broad education of Chinese students.  The motivation by the Chinese populous to learn English will impact their interactions on a larger global scale.

Driving Change

The online product is an example of Chinese entrepreneurs extending beyond borders to impact lives in North America.  She has a valued product of $3 billion. Last years revenue was $760,000,00, significantly up from the prior fiscal year.  Cindy represents the entrepreneurship that will continue to drive change, while adding value and money to a growing market.