Mission Impossible-Will the franchise self destruct anytime soon?

Mission Impossible 6 (MI6) – Fallout was released on July 27, 2018 and continues to rake in big box office dollars.  Opening weekend grossed appx $61 m with a total gross of appx $161 m as of August 12th.  Cumulative worldwide gross is appx $367 m as of August 9th.  MI6 opened in 36 international markets including the UK, Russia, Spain, Korea, all of Latin America, and most of Asia (IMBd).  Keep in mind, MI6 was made with an estimated $178 m budget.  Simple math shows you MI6 has netted $189 m and its only been in theaters for 18 days.

Why does Tom Cruise playing the unbreakable and unbeatable super spy Ethan Hunt appeal to audiences the world over?  Could it be he performs his own stunts?  Could it be the recurring Mission Impossible support staff including Ving Rhames, Rebecca Ferguson, and Simon Pegg to name a few?  Or is it the complex storylines that keeps movie goers on the edge of their seats during the entire 147 minute runtime?  Whatever it may be, its bringing movie goers again and again to see a new Mission Impossible movie every four years or so to the theater which is yielding huge returns at the box office not only domestically but globally as well.

The original Mission Impossible movie released in 1996 starring Tom Cruise had a $80 m budget and grossed globally appx $457 m.  Mission Impossible 2 had a $125 m budget and grossed globally appx $565 m.  It doesn’t take the special eye glasses used in the first Mission Impossible movie Cruise wore to see that the franchise is a global money making machine.  Mission Impossible 3-4-5 combine for a global grossing of $1.78 B (Box Office Mojo).  This brings the Tom Cruise Mission Impossible franchise to a whopping $3.1 B.

As long as Tom Cruise remains an international superstar, there could be another 5-10 Mission Impossible movies and they will all be global successes.  The plot matters.  The stunts matter.  The supporting cast matters.  The shooting locations around the world matters.  At the end of the day, Tom Cruise is the determining factor as to whether the franchise will self destruct or continue on.  It appears there will be no fallout anytime soon.  So watch the Mission Impossible 6-Fallout trailer, forward it to a friend, set a time and visit your local theater and be ready to see why the world over continues to flock to the theaters every time a new Mission Impossible movie is released.  You be the judge if the franchise has enough star power and excitement for a Mission Impossible 7 to be released in the coming years.

Brian Lowe/Global Business Projects/Summer 2018