How Much is Stephen Curry Worth to Under Amour?

Net Worth

Before jumping into how much Steph is worth to Under Armour, we should see how much he is actually valued at. Curry is currently the highest paid player in the NBA making north of $34 million a year. By the time his current contract expires in 2022 he will have made over $257 million playing basketball.


According to Forbes, Curry  was estimated to have made $35 million in endorsements in 2017. The main source of this $35 million is directly connected to Under Armour and his royalties agreement. Steph also has endorsement deals with Vivo, Degree, Brita and JPMorgan Chase among others. These endorsements round out the 2017 earnings of $35 million.

Silicon Valley Investments

Curry has used his salary, both on the court and in endorsements, to reinvest in some start-ups in silicon valley. He has a minority share in Pinterest and a large stake in a company called Slyce. Slyce was founded by Curry’s former teammate, Bryant Barr, that provides software for brands that helps quantify social media output for their endorsers. According to Barr, Curry plays an active role in the management of Slyce and is far from just a passive investor.

So after all this, Celebrity Net Worth, estimates Stephen Curry’s Net Worth at approximately $60 million.


Worth to Under Armour

Steph might be worth $60 million, but he is much more valuable than that to Under Amour. Business Insider, in 2016, estimated Curry to potentially be worth over $14 billion to Under Armour. This was based off of Curry’s direct impact on Under Armour’s 350% increase in U.S. basketball shoe sales. However, since 2016, Under Armour’s stock price has plummeted and Steph Curry produced 2 straight clunkers for signature shoes. Their stock price went from north of $80 in 2016 to under $15 per share in 2018.

Recent Rebound

Since this colossal plummet in Under Armour’s popularity, they have revamped their basketball approach and specifically their signature shoes with Steph. His curry 4’s and curry 5’s have been very popular and in result Under Armour is beginning to rebound as a company. This truly shows Steph’s value to Under Armour and how much they rely on his popularity to drive their brand as a whole.


So the question still remains, how much is he worth to Under Armour? While I don’t believe it is the $14 billion that business insider speculated in 2016, I do believe it is a very high number. His charisma and popularity around the world has the ability to drive Under Armour in either direction. If Steph is winning on the court and winning off the court (design of his signature shoe), he is darn near priceless to Under Armour. Being a Curry fan, I hope he continues to produce better and better shoes and win a few more NBA championships to drive home his legacy-and drive up Under Armour’s stock price.