Guess What’s Making a Comeback?

In light of my recent travels and in response to an article I recently read, titled: ”Boutique hotels gain new ground in Bangkok” I decided to dedicate this post to Boutique Hotels.

When traveling you’ve probably booked at various types of hotels, perhaps a Business Hotels, like Marriot’s and the Hilton’s of the world. Or maybe a Resort Hotel, like any of the many Disney themed resorts. But have you heard of boutique hotels? Not really? Perhaps you haven’t or your memories of them are quiet murky; they were prominent in the 90s and then again around 2009. Since there resurgence in 2009, they have been a mainstay.

What are they?

According to IBISWorld: “BOUTIQUE HOTEL: Intimate, usually luxurious or quirky and upscale hotel environments for a very particular clientele.”

The Boutique Hotels industry focuses on providing luxury accommodations with an emphasis on design, individualization and quality of service, and has performed strongly over the past five years.

Boutique hotels are hotels with less than 100 rooms ( but more than 10 rooms or else it becomes a Bed & Breakfast). The décor is modern, futuristic and contemporary. An advantage of Boutique hotels is that they are able to offer guests the personalized experiences and allow guest to live local through their authenticated local living experiences; they can offer such personalized and localized experiences because of their ability to work around the corporate hotel structures.

Personalized and localized experiences that customers value include the ability for these hotels to source food, flowers, and furniture from nearby providers. It is safe to say that over the past 10 years the boutique hotel industry has seen a growth that is expected to continue to grow in the future.

Boutique Hotel Rundown:

  • Unique architecture and personality
  • Off the beaten path and in close proximity to the local community
  • Smaller properties

Industry Outlook:

“The Boutique Hotels industry is anticipated to experience robust revenue growth over the next five years. Revenue is expected to surge at an annualized rate of 2.5% to $19.1 billion. Growth will be driven by increased travel rates and rising interest in the independent hotel experience.”

While you’re at it, check out this list of the World’s Best Boutique Hotels of 2018 (in no particular order):

  • Akademie Street, South Africa – World’s Most Romantic Hotel 2018
  • Awarta Nusa Dua Luxury, Indonesia – World’s Best Culinary Hotel and World’s Best Boutique Hotel 2018
  • Blue River Resort and Hotel, Costa Rica – World’s Best Family Hotel 2018
  • Carpe Diem Exclusive Boutique Resort, Greece – World’s Best Relaxation Retreat 2018
  • Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Canada – World’s Most Sustainable Hotel 2018
  • Corpo Santo Lisbon Historical Hotel, Portugal – World’s Best City Hotel 2018
  • Drake Bay Getaway Resort, Costa Rica — World’s Best Honeymoon Hideway 2018
  • Green SPA Resort Stanglwirt, Austria – World’s Best Wellness Spa 2018
  • Hanging Gardens of Bali, Indonesia –World’s Most Stunning Views 2018
  • Hotel Grand Windsor, New Zealand – World’s Best New Hotel 2018
  • Hotel TwentySeven, Netherlands – World’s Most Inspired Design Hotel 2018
  • Reethi Faru Resort, Maldives – World’s Best Beach or Coastal Hotel 2018
  • Relais & Chateaux Hotel Heritage, Belgium –World’s Best Classic Hotel 2018
  • The Resort Villa, Thailand – World’s Best Private Villa 2018

So, the next time you are traveling abroad for business purposes and wish to enjoy the country as pseudo-local while having added perks, try booking a Boutique hotel. It is sure to give you the experience you desire as a pseudo-local.