China’s Anti-Poverty Drive

Since China’s major economic boom, millions of Chinese citizens have been able to rise out of poverty and move into a more comfortable lifestyle. As many civilians move into this new lifestyle, there are still millions of citizens who have not enjoyed the same success and are still stuck in a state of poverty. According to President Xi Jinping, he plans to change the status of people stuck in poverty with his 2020 Anti-Poverty Drive. The central government has classified people who make less than2,800 yuan (US$427) were living in absolute poverty. The overall goal of the drive is to eradicate poverty in China by 2020. With President Xi’s, current plan, so far more than 700 million people have been moved above China’s national poverty line. Changing the lives of the rest is still a daunting task that will continue to take time and patience.

How will China take the remaining population and change their living situation?

To begin with, people who lived in geographically hazardous areas were the first to be relocated. The government moved these people from these dangerous areas into government subsidized houses.  Just moving people into a government subsidized homes is not the cure to poverty, but instead; eight main industries were developed to reduce poverty even more. For this, we look at what Beijing and some of the practices that they are implementing. These industries range from tourism to e-commerce. After occupational training for all, these jobs will be available to the public.  In addition to creating new jobs, the government has also ensured that children who have moved with their families to their new subsidize homes, education with be provided to all to prevent poverty being passed down from generation to generation.

With great strides already being achieved, there have also been challenges along the way. Since the central government has provided funds to individual county authorities, fraud was a problem faced early on. Meaning, each county agency was provided a certain amount of cash to make sure that each county was implementing programs needed for them. While these counties were creating programs for the people, over 5,00 officials were punished for corruption. In conclusion, China has taken incredible strides to help people start a new life, and only time will tell how close China has come to eradicating poverty by 2020.


Devin Francis